“My mother’s father was a quincy but none of the rest of my family was. I am part quincy but the blood is so diluted I refuse to call myself a quincy”

"I see. So you´re not a quincy but still you carry that gun and do what a quincy would do if they were in your place." he thought out loud. "Be careful. Sometimes having a gun, or in my case a zanpakuto isnt enough."


“I am not a quincy but there knowledge and power is inside of me”

"What the hell does that mean? Then what are you?"

“Abandon your fear. Look forward. Move forward and never stop. You’ll age if you pull back. You’ll die if you hesitate.”


“Actually you have it is the same technique used bu the Quincy’s but I use a gun rather than a bow and my technique is more concentrated.”

"Interesting" he said astonished. "You dont look like a quincy nor a shinigami, though"


“The name is Timor Salem” he said nodding to the man “So your the great Ichigo.”

"There is nothing great about me" he replied "How come you just made that hollow vanished? I have never see something like that before."



” Tch, otro jodido japonés ¿Qué no se cansan de andar en todos lados?… Como sea, soy Russell.”

"¿Qué se supone que significa éso? Ah, Russell. Qué hay."